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Branden Rowe 
Chief Executive Officer
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As the CEO of Antares Security, Branden is responsible for the vision, maintaining the culture, and setting the direction of the company. ‚ÄčA leader in identifying opportunities, driving industry change, and building mature security organizations, Branden delivers capabilities for sustainable security postures. He has experience in running red team operations, consulting across industry verticals, understanding current and emerging risks, communicating opportunities, forging internal cooperation and executive buy-in, and developing practical strategies. He also holds the additional duties of CISO, where he is responsible for overseeing the firm’s strategy for protecting information and technology assets internally and for clients, to include advancing the firm’s programs for cyber risk governance, threat intelligence, red team, and security operations.

Prior to founding Antares, Branden served in various independent security consulting and operations roles in various companies developing the information security programs, running red team operations, and advising on security and risk strategy in key areas, including governance, policy, awareness, project management, audit, assessment, incident response, operations, technical investigations, business continuity, and disaster recovery. His experience has cross-cut most industry sectors, and customers have ranged from finance and non-profits to government agencies and renowned educational institutions.

Michael Halsey
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Halsey is the Chief Operating Officer for Antares Security, accountable for business development, investments, and service advancement initiatives. Michael has previously held executive roles in Managed Security Services and Professional Services across the organization. He has led complex information security programs and projects in a variety of sectors, with companies across Canada, the United States (U.S.) and United Kingdom (U.K.).