Cybersecurity in retail

The rapid pace of digitization has led many retailers to set up an ecommerce offering without fully considering the multitude of risks they face when moving sales operations online. Unfortunately, many websites lack basic security controls, which makes them an easy target for hackers.

84% of consumers say how a business uses and protects data is the top issue when deciding who to buy from and work with. Protecting customer information from cyber threats has never been more important.

Retailers operating online face a wide range of cybersecurity challenges:

• Keeping pace with rapid digitization of retail systems
• Maintaining security while improving accessibility and user experience
• Identifying and managing security exposures across the supply chain
• Meeting PCI DSS requirements for card payments
• Complying with the data security requirements of the GDPR

Key security questions for retail

Security questions organizations in retail and ecommerce should be asking:

  • Is payment processing PCI DSS compliant?

  • How often are websites and POS systems tested for vulnerabilities?

  • Are suitable controls in place to prevent sophisticated threats?

  • Are systems able to identify threats that bypass the perimeter?

  • Is there a plan in place to detect, remediate and report breaches?

  • What systems and controls are in place to mitigate insider threats?

  • How is the personal data of clients processed and protected?

Cybersecurity compliance in retail

Antares' comprehensive range of cybersecurity services can help retailers to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and data protection regulations. All organizations that handle personal data, such as customer information, must demonstrate robust data security standards and breach reporting capabilities, or risk a large regulatory fine.

Retailers that take online card payments also need to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Requirements include maintaining a secure network, implementing robust security policies, regularly testing systems for weaknesses and proactively monitoring network infrastructure. By helping retailers address gaps in their cybersecurity as well as proactively detect and remediate threats when they occur, Antares' affordable managed cybersecurity services support swift, hassle-free compliance.

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