Compliance is not a tick box exercise

In today’s fiercely competitive and regulated business landscape, organizations have a responsibility to show that they are dedicated to proactive protection of sensitive data relating to their customers, clients, and partners. When managing risk and compliance – for everything from Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard to ISO compliance – organizations often want a tool to help provide visibility into risks facing the organization and how those risks are being remediated. Many companies believe that with the right tool, they can more effectively anticipate all types of risk – from the mundane to the catastrophic and from hidden threats to emerging hazards.

But managing a risk and compliance tool without an overarching strategy will deliver minimal return on investment and leave the organization in a poor security posture. Tailoring a framework and developing a strategic roadmap that includes people, processes and technology is critical to the success of any risk and compliance program.

When seeking guidance to develop a risk and compliance strategy, build an effective program and deploy the right tools to manage it, organizations of all sizes can turn to Antares for leading expertise and solutions.

Organizations that fail to take cyber threats seriously risk customer churn, missing out on business deals, reputational damage, or significant regulatory sanctions.

Expert assistance with your compliance needs

As requirements and government regulations grow more complex, organizations struggle to secure their most vital assets and demonstrate compliance. Where some organizations see challenges, we see opportunity.

Antares can help transform your compliance effort into a competitive advantage helping you make better decisions, become more agile and leverage true business insight. Through hundreds of engagements, our business-aligned approach to compliance, risk, and security helps leading institutions get more from their compliance programs. Contact us to explore how our innovative approach can help you.

Identify, mitigate and manage cybersecurity risk

Understanding and evaluating risk means smarter decision-making in business. Once you have perspective on the risks you face, you can modify your security program, optimize current technology usage, plan future investments and address risks more effectively.

Antares can help you get the answers you need to evaluate opportunities and analyze risk. Our 360-degree view of the security space means we take a comprehensive approach to track, triage and treat potential hazards and threats. We can translate your requirements into in-depth remediation recommendations that take into account the technology, people and processes specific to your organization. We help organizations move from discrete, compartmentalized efforts to programs that strategically address the big picture.

Our risk and risk management service includes: ​

  • Information security risk management
    Evaluate and document current information security controls, their intent, and actual function. This independent, third-party controls analysis can be customized to meet your specific needs.


  • Security maturity assessment
    Antares examines current controls and provides a maturity assessment created from a standards-based proprietary evaluation process. This independent third-party assessment benchmarks current controls and practices against leading methods and industry standards.


  • Security risk assessment 
    Assess, identify and modify your security posture to identify areas of weakness. Document regulatory administrative, physical and technical safeguards to demonstrate compliance including protection of individual information (PII), protected health information (PHI) and credit card data.


  • Policy assessment and development
    Security policies are an essential component of your overall risk management program. Assess the effectiveness of your current policies and modify existing or develop new policies to more closely align with your business goals.

Streamline and simplify third-party risk management program

Third-party risk management (TPRM) is a top concern for businesses today. As technology, threats and regulatory frameworks continue to evolve and expand, organizations must put solutions in place to avoid exposure and effectively manage third-party risk. But assessing the security of so many vendors and partners can quickly escalate costs and create an extraordinary burden on IT.

Our third-party risk management program provides comprehensive services for managing vendors and associated risks. From program development, discovery and categorization of partnerships to conducting and managing a third-party risk assessment, we help to streamline and simplify vendor risk management activities while reducing exposure to risk. For organizations with limited staff, constrained budgets and a large vendor ecosystem, our third-party risk management solutions provide the tools and expertise to plan and run an optimal risk management program.

Our third-party risk management solutions include:

  • Third-party risk program assessment
    Our team helps to assess your existing programs to identify gaps and risks, providing reports on the maturity level of current programs as well as recommendations for improvement.


  • Program development
    We assist in building or optimizing third-party risk management programs, delivering policy, tools and scoring methodologies that enable organizations to conduct assessments with greater flexibility and scalability.


  • Discovery and categorization
    We help to identify and categorize all third-party relationships and to focus attention on vendors that pose the greatest risk.


  • Risk assessment
    We offer a variety of assessment options, from remote questionnaire-based assessments to on-site, in-depth interviews. Each assessment helps to determine if a third-party relationship meets your security requirements and industry standards.


  • Third-party managed services
    Our managed services for third-party risk management are built on a fully customizable platform that promotes focus, scalability, governance, and monitoring of supplier risk management. Through our managed services, our team specializes in collecting, maintaining and scoring third-party risk, improving compliance while lowering the cost of third-party risk management.

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