Understand your business' security risk with a managed vulnerability assessment

Business growth, IT obsolescence and new technology trends mean that every organization’s attack surface is constantly changing. Understanding and keeping on top of new security exposures are therefore central to effective cyber risk management.

What is a vulnerability assessment?

Antares' Vulnerability Assessment service helps to define, identify, classify and address weaknesses across your organization’s on-premise and cloud networks. Integrating specialist scanning tools and experienced security professionals, it provides the advanced level of support needed to address core vulnerabilities and removes the administrative and maintenance burdens of conducting regular security evaluations in-house.

Key beneifts of vulnerability testing
  • Gain visibility of assets
    By analyzing your network to identify and classify systems, applications, and data, an Antares vulnerability assessment helps you to understand how vulnerable your critical assets are to cyber-attacks.


  • Understand the effectiveness of defensive controls
    An Antares vulnerability assessment reviews the capability of your internal and external defenses to detect, limit and withstand the latest cyber threats. By thoroughly reviewing current technology, processes and procedures, we enable key stakeholders to clearly understand your organization’s security posture.


  • Improve cybersecurity planning
    Antares prioritizes your organization’s cybersecurity risks to highlight those requiring the greatest attention. This supports better allocation of defense resources and focus on areas of most concern.


  • Receive help addressing vulnerabilities
    By providing support to help remediate any identified risks, Antares' Vulnerability Assessment service helps your organization to reduce its attack surface, therefore preventing or limiting the damage a cyber breach could inflict

What we assess

Antares' Managed Vulnerability Assessment service utilizes a range of tools, custom scripts, and in-house applications to comprehensively analyze your organization’s IT network, inside and out.

Experienced cybersecurity professionals review the results of completed vulnerability scans to provide a clear summary report, key recommendations, and threat remediation advice.

Our vulnerability testing service includes:

  • External perimeter testing 
    Business growth, the adoption of new technology, and trends such as cloud computing, mean that every organization’s attack surface is always evolving. An Antares Vulnerability Assessment identifies all systems and applications that are visible to the internet and assesses these to check that they are suitability hardened to prevent access to your organization’s internal network.


  • Internal network testing
    Recommended cybersecurity practice advises organizations to assume they have been compromised. This means that internal cybersecurity measures are as important as external ones. An internal vulnerability assessment identifies and classifies your organization’s internal assets and assesses their weaknesses to determine ease of compromise.


  • Website assessment
    A series of tests is performed to identify vulnerabilities affecting your organization’s website. Identified problems include SQL and cross-site scripting problems, flaws in application logic and file inclusion errors.

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